This is a map of inside "Murakara-Machikara-Kan".

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Information Map

47 Prefecture Society of Commerce and Industy Recommendation Zone

i-01.png(18602 byte) With the goal to pioneer selling the newest special products, we sell debuting products as 1 month trials or 6 month features. Our establishment provides producers with the function of monitoring these goods as seen by Tokyo citizens, and acts as an advisor from a professional distributor's standpoint.

Nation wide local Sake corner

i-01.png(18602 byte) We exhibit and sell locally brewed sakes, shochu, wine, and even fruit liquors, hard to get in Tokyo. We always have 200 types of yet unknown, quality sakes from the north and south, hand picked by masters of sake.

Regional Aid corner (fresh from the farm)

i-01.png(18602 byte) Right at the front door, we sell fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits directly from the producer. With items you might see for the first time, this is a favorite corner for customers living in Tokyo.

Special event corner for items direct from the producer

i-01.png(18602 byte) In addition to events at the store, producers from every region personally display, and sell their products.

Eat-in corner

i-01.png(18602 byte) Hand made dessert and sweets corner, with selectable parts chosen from many special products, and impeccably fresh soft serve ice cream to enjoy when shopping yourself, or while waiting to meet someone.