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Full of Japanese treats selected from the Japanese Society of Commerce and Industry!
Great locally produced goods gathered in one location!
Murakara Machikara Kan's fresh from the farm goods are produced with care, preserving the flavor of tasty fresh materials, and hometown pride.
Each item of our list of about 1200, is filled with precious flavors that will make anyone feel at home.

What is Murakara-Machikara-Kan?

"Murakara-Machikara-Kan is an antenna shop that takes and sells special local items from small and medium and small-sized business. around Japan, and is the only public establishment in Japan that gathers special regional items comprehensively and professionally. In our spacious shop, not only do we have items from every region, there is also an eat-in space adjacent to the shop. It is a charming, valuable shop that is as enjoyable as if you are visiting all the regions of Japan, all while you are in Tokyo. For producers who are members in the Society of Commerce and Industry that would like to exhibit here, please contact Murakara-Machikara-Kan, or inquire at a nearby Society of Commerce and Industry."

Store Details

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Store Information

Tokyo Kotsukaikan 1st floor


FAX. 03-5208-1524

Open time:10:45~19:00
(Sundays and Holidays: until 18:45)
Open all year round (except the Year-End and New-Year's Holidays)


Earn 1 point every 100 yen.
At the goal of 250 points, you receive a 500 yen ticket to use inside the store.
Receive store notifications about "Double Point Week" and more.